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Coffeelove | Cold Brew

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Placeres | Single Estate | Nicaraguan

12 Pack | 10.5oz / 310ml


This anaerobic natural was the highlight of last year's Los Favoritos auction, when it scored an eye-watering 90.3. This Ethiosar from the Mieresch family has a perfect balance of creamy mouthfeel, juicy sweetness and sparkling acidity and is one of the most well-balanced coffee we have had the pleasure of roasting.

The Rainforest Alliance program, we aim to decrease water pollution,
soil erosion, waste, water usage, and threats to environmental and human

Notes | Cherry | Caramel | Cacao | Black Tea
Roast | Light [ city + ]
Varietal | Ethiosar
Elevation | 840-970m+
Process | Natural Anaerobic

Cold Anaerobic Natural
Fermentation Time | 48 hours
Fermentation Temp | 6-10°C

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