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Award Winning Brewing

With our Award Winning Cold Extraction process for Cold Brew and Cold Espresso. Your Cold Brew will now taste just like the flavor notes you have come to love and enjoy. From brewing to filtering, we remove all sediment along with a final Sterile Filtration that removes 99.99% of Bacteria. With this process we are removing all bacteria and sediment that would normally cause your product to continue to brew long after it was packaged. This is why so many RTD Cold Brews taste so sour and like cigarette ash.

Bottling / Canning / Kegging

We have built our business around small production runs of Canning, Bottling and Kegging. Unlike other co-packers we are able to package orders as small as 50 cases of your product. This allows you to time to build your brand, marketing and sales channels with out a massive overhead of product sitting there waiting to be sold and enjoyed by your customers.

Draught Systems

We provide full installation of our Cold Brew and Ready To Drink [RTD] products via draught systems. Once in stalled we ship out your RTD in a BIB [ Bag in Box ] to you our your client. It's that simple. No need to worry about heavy kegs, wasting time and money washing of kegs, let alone training staff on how to tap and maintain your keg system. Each set up comes with our digital monitoring system that allows you to monitor every pour, temperature, and volume of available product right from your phone. All of this in real time, allowing you to re-order product on the fly along with a digital report of your sales to loss ratio per pour.